Fair Play Policy

Snapwin reserves the right to cancel any games at any time without any prior notice or reason.

By participating in Snapwin Tournaments & Games, you accept and agree that you are above 18 years in age.

Due to any technical glitch, the games may get cancelled and in such cases the entry fees will be refunded to the participants.

In case the investigators or spectators find any suspicious player in the gameplay, Snapwin reserves right to disqualify, suspend or put the doer's account on hold and also cancel their winning prizes or amount.

In case any player fails to submit correct details while participating in any games then the reward/prize amount will be cancelled for that player and no refund will be processed.

Players are not allowed to use any Mod or Hack in the Gameplay. If anyone is found suspicious, the immediate action will be taken, the account will be suspended, all the pending withdrawals will be cancelled and wallet balance will become useless.

Miss-using any in-game glitches or errors will result in disqualification of that player from the game and no reward for the same game will be considered.

Do not use any Emulator to Play in non-emulator matches. Such players will be kicked and if remains un-kicked then they may not get the Game rewards/prizes.

In case participants fail to join the game after registeration due to any external issues from participants end (incl. Slow internet, multi-tasking, Receiving Calls or SMS, etc.) then no refund will be processed.

If the participants are kicked or auto-kicked from the game without any reasons then the refund will be issued upon submitting proper valid evidences such as Screenshot of the Error Screen or Message.

Any of the policies mentioned here can change, get updates or removed at any time, so keep checking here for latest policies and rules.

Before participating in any touranments or games at Snapwin, you agree to the Fair Play Policy and accept it.

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Contact Us

Customer Care| +91 90488 32328

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